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television appearances:
Private Investigator Rob Dick the founder of Renegade Investigations has appeared on numerous national as well as international television shows sharing his expert experience on various topics.



Rob Dick has also appeared as a Bounty Hunter on television throughout the world with World Famous Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla. 

Bounty Hunters - Sacramento, CA was the first 2 hour documentary on Bounty Hunting narrated by Val Kilmer.  Followed by four 1 hour shows on  Bounty Hunting that aired internationally on the Nat. Geo.

Other television programs included:
The Discovery Channel’s - “ Secrets Of: Bounty Hunting”
an episode of Real TV
Airing in Canada:
“TV Made Me A Bounty Hunter”
Airing in Holland:
Airing in France:
“Wanted: Recherche Mort Ou Vif”
“Chasseures De Primes: Le Grand Business Des Fugitifs”
“Fugitifs: Ces Criminels Qui Nous Fascinent”

appearing in print:
In 2009 Rob Dick was interviewed for the book: “Risky Living” Interviews with the brave men and women who work the world’s most dangerous jobs”  Risky Living is a fascinating collection of candid and intimate conversations with forty-five men and women who describe, in gripping detail, how physical risk is a familiar companion in their working lives, and how they deal with it. This is the first work of oral history to focus solely on people who work dangerous jobs. In the great tradition of books revealing the real lives of working men and women pioneered by Studs Terkel, Risky Living reveals who these daring people are, what they endure for a paycheck, and how they feel about their jobs. They speak for themselves, in their words, and what they have to say reveals much about who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

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